Aerial Attack-700×700


Aerial Attack Selection Box

22 Fireworks per box, An all-aerial Selection Box which fills the sky with noise and colour.

This Selection Box fills the sky with noise and colour. There are no ground effects in this box – it is simply packed to bursting with rockets, aerial starbursts and roman candles. All action and a great choice if you like your selection fast, loud and furious!

  • 1 x Crackling Thunder
  • 2 x Colour Roman Candle
  • 1 x Palm Tree Burst
  • 1 x Star Burst
  • 2 x Stealth Command
  • 2 x Atomiser
  • 3 x Demon Detonator
  • 3 x Star Gazer
  • 3 x Sparkling Thunder Rocket
  • 4 x Sonic FX

£24.99 £18.00

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