Avengers Assembled


Containing 14 barrages with mixed effects and colours from 20mm to 30mm tube sizes and 2 packs of 1.3g rockets. A pre-printed firing order for you to follow if you choose is included.

Iron Man (19 shot 20mm 146.3g)
Thor (24 shot 25mm 295.2g)
Spider Man (28 shot 20mm 196g)
Captain America (16 shot 30mm 320g)
Thanos (16 shot 20mm 112g)
Hawkeye (20 shot 20mm 160g)
Hulk (16 shot 25mm 216g)
Black Widow ( 16 shot 30mm 320g)
Mr Fantastic (50 shot 20mm 375g)
Ant Man (19 shot 30mm 401.5g)
The Thing (50 shot 20mm 410g)
Brocade War Mini (50 shot 20mm 410g)
Doctor Strange (49 shot 25mm 396.9g)
Morbius (100 shot 20mm 480g)
Falcon (6x 2 inch ball head style rockets 40g each)
Ultron (6x 100grm rockets!)

What a HUGE selection of colours and effects from this mega display pack from Caractacus Potts Firework Co.

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Brand: Caractacus Potts Firework Co
Shots: 473
Approximate duration: 1500 Seconds
Firing: Mixed Straight
Bore Size:20-30mm
Cat: F2,3
Class: 1.3G
NEC: Over 5Kg


Caractacus Potts Firework Co

1 review for Avengers Assembled

  1. Emma S

    Excellent display pack lots of cakes I’ve never seen before.
    Have had the casino royal the past few years but definitely preferred this.

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