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Casper is a 25 shot multi-effect Barrage with banks of 5 x 25mm tubes with each row having a different effect.

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Bright colours light up the sky from gold brocade with purple stars, whistle to coloured peony with crackles, brocades with red stars and glitter, multi-coloured bursts with glittering stars and gold brocade time rain bursts.

1 of a family of 4 barrages the others on my site that complete the family are Marvin, Godzer and Lod Duchu, all with 25 shots from 25 mm tubes and 5 different effects at a time from each firework.

Brand: Klasek
Shots: 25
Approximate duration: 30 Seconds approx
Effects: Stars, brocade, whistle, peony, crackles
Firing pattern: Straight
Bore Size: 25mm
Cat: F2
NEC: 325g
PID: C2525C


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