Mega 44 Rocket Pack


Save - 18%

This mega-rocket pack contains 8 different packs, 44 rockets in total. The rocket lovers among you will love this mix at a unbelievable price.

You get…
Sky Hunters – 5 Rockets
War Hawk – 5 Rockets
Hissing Vipers – 5 Rockets
VSR3 – 3 Rockets
Kings Crown – 2 Rockets
Flying Eagles – 6 Rockets
Scala Rockets – 12 Rockets
Thunder Bats – 6 Rockets

We have paused deliveries at the moment but you can still Visit our Leeds shop.

Cash and Cards Accepted


Cat: F3,2
Class: 1.3G


Bright Star Fireworks

Caractacus Potts Firework Co

Funke Fireworks

Hallmark Fireworks

Primed Pyrotechnics

Vivid Pyrotechnics


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