Jamboree Box + Thunder Bats – Managers Special


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Jamboree Box + Thunder Bats With Cracking Tails 6 Pack

6 x Thunder Bat rockets

Jamboree Box
1 x 96 Shot Cake (Crazy Crocks)
1 x 7 Shot Cake (Heat Wave)
1 x 15 Shot Cake (Haunted House)
2 x 8 Shot Roman Candles (Magical Stars & Shimmering Sunrise)
1 x 70 shot Roman Candle Battery (Bonfire Heart)
1 x Nukes of Hazard Fountain (50 seconds)
1 x Enchanted Forest Fountain (35 seconds)
2 x Twinkling Stars Fountains (35 seconds)
1 x Happy Panda Fountain (35 seconds)
1 x Fortune Fountain (35 seconds)
1 x Milky Way Fountain (20 seconds)
1 x Catherine Wheel
4 x Rockets

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