Ant Man – 19 shot


19 shot 30mm firework, huge height of 30 meteres from maximum bore size firing tubes with enormous bursts and multi-effect. A very good standalone firework.

You will also find this cake in our huge Avengers Assembled Pack containing 14 barrages with mixed effects and colours from 20mm to 30mm tube sizes and 2 packs of 1.3g rockets. A pre-printed firing order for you to follow if you choose is included.

We have paused deliveries at the moment but you can still Visit our Leeds shop.

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Brand: Caractacus Potts Firework Co
Shots: 19
Approximate duration: xx Seconds
Firing: Straight
Bore Size: 30mm
Cat: F2
Class: 1.3G
NEC: 401.5


Caractacus Potts Firework Co


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